Mindfulness Quiz

Mindfulness Quiz

How Mindful Are You?

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1. Do you find yourself multitasking and rushing around in general in life?

2. Are you compassionate towards other people?

(if someone makes a mistake would you be understanding or criticise them for getting it wrong?)

3. Are you curious about other people?

(do you take a genuine interest in others and ask questions to better understand them)

4. Do you tend to hold grudges when someone does something you disapprove off or are quite a forgiving person?

5. Are you aware of your thoughts when your mood changes?

6. Do you find yourself judging and criticising other people in relation to how well they are performing?

7. Are you a grateful person? Do you take time to appreciate other people in your life?

8. Are you focused and attentive when you are conversing with other people?

9. Do you prioritise an activity to go inward like breathing with focus ( pranayama) or meditation or prayer?

10. Are you able to distract yourself when you feel unpleasant emotions like fear , anger , jealousy etc.?

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