Are you on track to achieve your 2021 goals?


Are you on track with your 2021 goals , or are you struggling to stick to your resolutions ? It’s said that it takes 21 days to make a new habit , so where are you with your New Year resolutions ?

If you are on track , great ! if not then maybe it’s time to reflect on why not ?

Statistics indicate that only 12% will ever experience the taste of victory of sticking to New Year goals. Sounds bad? It is.

The good news is that there you still have 11 months to achieve your goals !

Here are 10 questions for you to help you achieve your 2021 goals

1. Do you know WHAT you want to do , but not your WHY?

The most common goals for the year are to lose weight , start running , quit smoking to name a few . But what is your larger vision, your WHY ?

Do you want to quit smoking because you feel the need to live longer to be there for your family ? Do you want to be healthy so you’ll have increased clarity, energy, and focus that would carry over into every single aspect of your life?

When you are aligned to your larger vision and it inspires you and chances are that you will stick with the habits you are trying to create .

2. Is there a voice in your head that reminds you of past failure?

What is the voice that plays in your head ? Is it a voice that reminds you of all the times you never succeeded e.g. I have tried losing weight before and have given up or I gave up smoking many times but failed !

Most people fail because of negative self-beliefs. Reprogramming the mind is critical with positive affirmations . Remember the brain does not know the difference between the real and imaginary . Use the power of visualisations to make outcomes happen.

3. Did you try to run a marathon immediately when you haven’t run in a while?

We start the year with great enthusiasm. We try and run a marathon the first day or work out for long hours at the gym and the next day our bodies are sore and this diminishes our urge to go back the next day. It also reinforces our belief that new habits are too difficult to form. Remember incremental steps done repeatedly to build a new habit is what helps . Our experiences in life determine our reality .We create positive experiences and self-belief by achieving small incremental goals done repeatedly. 1% incremental achievement a day could potentially result in a 365% incremental achievement in a year.

4. Do you get distracted easily?

Are you a victim of the shiny objects syndrome ? Do you get distracted easily ? There is a new movie in town that your friends want to catch on the first day , first show and its matches the time that you set with your trainer .Or a food festival that coincides with your diet plan. What would you choose to do ?

Saying NO to 90% of the things that are of lower priority will give you the time and energy to focus on the 10% things that truly matter to you.

5. Does your thinking support your goals?

There are few real problems. The problem lies in our THINKING. Years of conditioning by non-supportive environments and faulty interpretation of experiences very often leads our brains to get wired into patterns that don’t support success and positive outcomes.

6. Do you track your progress?

When you track the progress you make , it helps you make the goals more real for you .The routine of writing down goals and progress rewires your brain . It makes you experience progress and creates a belief that it is possible and that you are making progress .

Today there are a number of Apps that help you track the steps that you have walked or the calories you have consumed . Start with them if you find it difficult to write.

7. You don’t enjoy the process do you?

Yes building a new habit can seem like a chore after a few days . If you have never run in your life you might find yourself wondering why you are doing it?

The idea is not to create more stress in your life but to make change sustainable. If fitness is the goal, play a sport you love with your friends or play within your community. That way you will have company and makes it fun rather than a chore.

8. Do you have any social support?

It’s hard to stay motivated when you are on your own. It can be lonely. Try and join a community group or club with like minded people. Someone at work or a friend to join you in your pursuit. Try and get an accountability partner who helps you be on track. If you cannot locate anyone within your immediate group, try and find a group on Social Media.

9. Do you beat yourself for any small failure?

Whilst we try our best to stick to our plans there may be times when we slip up and then we beat ourselves up to a point that we demotivate ourselves. Yes it’s important to remind ourselves to keep focused but it should not get into the zone of “Yes I have failed before and this is going to end the same way”.

Remind yourself that “Rome was not built in a day”. It’s okay to take a break one day but stay aligned to your vision or why, it will give you the energy to come back on track the next day.

10. Do you think much more than you do?

With so much information available today, very often we get into the zone of “Analysis Paralysis”. Its good to ask around, discuss and read but taking action is even better. An hour of action is better than years of reading and discussion. Once we align to our larger purpose it’s easier. So get started today.

The good news is there you still have 11 months to achieve your goals?

One way to keep you on track is to get yourself a professional coach. A coach will help you rewire your thinking and will make you accountable to achieve your goals.

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